About Us


Criczone proves to be the ideal place to work on the essential skills to be an unparalleled cricketer.

Criczone is a pay-by-the-hour space which runs for 24 x 7. It is an indoor facility for aspiring professional cricketers to practice alone or with their colleagues. To fit into a budding cricketer’s busy schedule, Criczone provides the benefit of choosing a convenient time slot to come and practice at their leisure. All one has to do is book the required pitch in advance.

Innumerable factors play a vital role in the making of a great cricketer, whether he or she is from under 12, under 14, under 16, under 19 or under 21 national team to team India or a part of a club, city, or state team. But two of the essential attributes to reach this pinnacle of success are diligence and practice and Criczone provides aspiring cricketers like you a 24×7 professional indoor practicing facility where you can train yourself anytime, any day!

Cricket can hardly be played when it rains but as Criczone is an indoor cricket practicing facility, the players can practice as per schedule even during monsoon. This means, players will not lose touch with the sport and can give maximum time to their training.

Criczone offers a range of facilities for a cricketer all under one roof. Not only do we provide bonus training and practicing, but we also manage to save the player’s time efficiently. By operating 24/7, we tend to integrate every player’s schedule, so our services are available to you at your time. Criczone makes a one-stop-shop for a professional cricket aspirant.

About Promoters

Promotors are in the field of education since many years and have facilitated over 20,000 students. Now alongside formal education they have ventured into sports education to provide a platform to cricket players to excel in the game, like their older students who are now renowned Cricket Players of Indian Cricket Team.